PDFICONEmploying the next Generation - Part 1 The ideas, expectations and opinions of several thousand 18 to 28 year-olds are a powerful mixture. That they come from some of the Continent's best and brightest adds further zest and vigour to their views of tomorrow's working world. This academic elite of Europe (and beyond) who chose to help our research are the real next Generation Europe: they are tomorrow's leaders, in business, in academia in public office. Our report is a reflection of their thoughts, wishes, hopes, dreams. It encompasses the practical, the fanciful and is a testament to the creativity and the common sense of those who will steer Europe through this 21st Century. We are delighted, not to say highly encouraged, by the results of this investigation. They show beyond any measure of doubt that the naysayers and doom predictors in our society are wrong. This next generation is more than capable of dealing with the complex world it inherits. More than that, from the sensible approach that many of our research helpers have taken, it is clear that they may well make a better job of tending our planet's needs than today's generation; not to mention creating truly desirable places to work. The results both excite and inspire us. So much so, that we are planning a second round of research in 2006. Our view is that all of us should encourage this next generation to think about tomorrow in both practical and creative ways“ this initiative does just that. We hope you will enjoy this brief report of our research and that it will excite and inspire you too. Moreover, we trust that you will realise that the next generation has not only great ideas and expectations but the good sense and responsibility to make them work. July 2006 Catie Thorburn, President, Generation Europe Mike Johnson, Chairman, FutureWork Forum
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