India's only IT Business Weekly Srinivasa Rao Dasari writes about the main issues on the minds of HR managers, and the way they deal with them Hanneke Frese, an HR consultant based in Zurich, believes that in order to increase the quality and capabilities of employees it is better to align professionals with the business strategies of the organisation and create an organisational culture that attracts highly competent employees. She was recently in Hyderabad to participate in an interactive session organised by Nasscom. Frese advises IT companies to achieve the best possible fit between the aspirations of its people, the organisation's needs and its clients' expectations. Productivity in the knowledge-based industry will be another challenge as some key issues are still uncertain. These issues are — who will own intellectual capital, how will knowledge be patented, and what new business models will emerge to make organisations more competitive. Frese foresees future challenges as confidentiality, managing change, developing leadership, movement of labour and workplace, globalisation, managing knowledge workers and productivity. For HR managers, who are already burdened by present day concerns, the future holds tougher problems which need to be addressed from today.