The consortium idea came about because a number of different organisations in our network expressed a need to explore specific topics and were keen to do so in a pragmatic and cost effective manner. The benefits of working in a consortium are considerable. The organisations that participated in consortium based thinking in the past felt that a lot of unique learning took place during a stimulating process. This is due to the combination of academic, expert contributions during work sessions with the practical experience of the participants. The participants are typically a mix of HR and business people which seems to work well. Sharing ideas and engaging with leading edge experts provides insights that cannot be gained from published material. Members found their understanding was changed by hearing the perspectives of other organisations. The consortium members work intensively in a series of meetings and establish strong, lasting relationships. As a result, members continue to share information and use each other as sounding boards on a number of different issues. Getting a trusted perspective from respected individuals in a different organisation has been a big bonus for all concerned. PDFICON Consortium Based Thinking Q&A