When someone once asked me to say in one sentence how I saw the essence of my work I had to think long and hard and finally suggested the following: Leading a life with intent that leads to a meaningful existence, creating a useful legacy for others. Nothing is more dynamic than human relationships, and no pace is faster than the global economic developments of the 21st century. How does all this play out in the way we work together, what we expect from our employers and our colleagues? What motivates us to contribute our knowledge and commitment? The cause and effect of interacting trends impact us in ways that we could not have imagined even a decade ago. The challenges involved, finding new business models, creating new bonds and networks between people and the organisations they work for, fascinate me. Leadership was once the exclusive domain of senior management. Now many people throughout organisations are in positions to show their initiative, their creativity and with that, their leadership, I have the great pleasure to be constantly in touch with the next generation of leaders, in its broadest definition, and enjoy the many opportunities we have to learn from each other. I have therefore also chosen an interactive website design, allowing visitors to give feedback on the material presented here. I look forward to an interesting dialogue so that the work can continue to be meaningful and useful to others!